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Cassina: Fusion of Avant-Garde, Fashionable, Simple, & Classic

by Hedwig Scarlett 14 Dec 2023 0 comments

Cassina furniture is renowned for its unique charm that blends diverse languages and cultures, daring to boldly experiment with design styles and material choices, presenting a combination of avant-garde fashion and minimalist classics.

Densign by Verner Panton Densign by Verner Panton

Cassina is one of the top furniture brands in the world today, with a history dating back to the seventeenth century. At that time, Cassina focused on crafting wooden furniture for churches, and its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail earned respect within the churches along Lake Como, a tradition that continues to this day.

Brand Story

In 1927, Cassina was founded in Milan, Italy, by brothers Cesare and Umberto Cassina, marking a new era for modern furniture. After World War II, Cassina received large furniture orders from places like the navy, hotels, and restaurants, imposing stringent requirements on furniture quality and functionality. This strengthened Cassina's commitment to quality, durability, and reputation, laying the foundation for its subsequent development.

Cassina Furniture

The 1950s was the golden period of Italian design. During this time, Cassina collaborated for the first time with the "godfather" of the Italian design revival, Gio Ponti, giving birth to Cassina's first master-stamped Superleggera chair. This successful collaboration not only established the brand model for original Cassina design but also marked its significant transition from the handicraft industry to modern manufacturing.

Cassina Superleggera Chair

Subsequently, Cassina made breakthroughs in the field of original furniture design, launching "Cassina I Maestri" in 1964, incorporating works by top 20th-century designers such as Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand into the Cassina brand. In the 21st century, Cassina introduced the "Cassina I Contemporanei" series, further incorporating works of global design masters into its brand.

Cassina Chairs Mario Belini's Cab Chair

Aeo Chair Paolo Deganello's Aeo Chair

Wink Chair Toshiyuki Kita's Wink Chair

Cassina's products span different languages and cultures, daring to experiment with various styles and materials. While some products may have faced initial skepticism due to their avant-garde nature, over time, they have been gradually accepted and become design classics, seamlessly showcasing Cassina's boldness and foresight in selecting works.

Cassina Design

Brand Features

Cassina Diversity

Cassina does not adhere to a uniform design style, advocating collaboration with designers from diverse cultures, presenting drastically different effects even from works by different authors. Pursuing material innovation with consistently avant-garde design approaches, Cassina emphasizes the perfect combination of aesthetic design and functionality.

Cassina furniture embodies diverse languages and cultures, daring to experiment with styles and materials, characterized by avant-garde fashion and minimalist classics. Although some products may have faced initial skepticism upon release, it is Cassina's sharp eye for style and materials, coupled with fearless experimentation, that has consistently led the trend in Italian design.

Cassina Innovation

Some products may be too avant-garde or not align with current aesthetics, but it is precisely this unique vision in style and materials, coupled with fearless experimentation, that has kept Cassina at the forefront of Italian design.

Cassina Leading

Classic Products

675 Maralunga 40 Sofa

Maralunga 40 Sofa Maralunga 40 Sofa Maralunga 40 Sofa

Maralunga is one of the most famous Italian sofa designs, created by Cassina as an innovative style themed around fabric or leather upholstery for its 40th-anniversary celebration. The armrests, characterized by soft upholstery design with intricate stitched contours, and the backrest and front section of the seat give this sofa a modern touch.

552 Floe Insel Sofa

Floe Insel Sofa Floe Insel Sofa

Floe Insel, born from Patricia Urquiola's desire to create a memorable and versatile modular system inspired by icebergs. Each modular element features an original 25° asymmetric cut, giving it a unique character. Balancing between the thickness and softness of the seat cushions, it achieves optimum comfort without sacrificing its asymmetrical design. The system includes a three-seater sofa and an ottoman that can be used independently, as well as two ends and a chaise lounge that allow for different size combinations.

637 Utrecht Xl Armchair

Utrecht Xl Armchair

Designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1935 while working at the Metz & Co. department store in Amsterdam, the Utrecht armchair was conceived for mass production. Considering market demands and aiming for a comfortable and relaxing experience, the elements of the chair were treated as individual units. The chair became a symbol of the De Stijl movement and Rietveld's experimental vision. As part of the Mutazioni series in 2015, an armless version was introduced, accompanied by this version that adjusted dimensions to fit the changes in people's height over the past 80 years. The chair can also be upholstered with Gerrit fabric.

051 Capitol Complex Chandigarh

Capitol Complex Chandigarh Capitol Complex Chandigarh

Born from the hands of Pierre Jeanneret, the Capitol Complex chair is one of the most distinctive features of the Chandigarh Capitol Complex, found in various offices. The independent components, including the inverted "V" shaped sidebars supporting the armrests, are all made of solid wood. Woven backrest and seat cover the wooden frame, common elements in the region. This magical chair is highly inclusive, pairing well with modern simplicity, elegant charm with new Chinese style, tranquil simplicity with minimalist style, and even colliding uniquely with a luxurious and stylish European style.

Initially produced in large quantities, it was forgotten in corners due to changing times. However, good design withstands the test of time, and the 2013 American film "Inception" brought it back into the public eye. Today, it is highly sought after by collectors, designers, and furniture enthusiasts worldwide, becoming one of the common pieces in many tasteful and stylish home designs.

357 Feltri Pilot

Feltri Pilot Feltri Pilot

As a magnificent throne-like armchair, Feltri restores the ideal ancient lifestyle. Crafted with a special manufacturing process in 1987, Feltri emphasizes the use of materials, showcasing a perfect blend of art and practicality. The high and low armchairs are entirely made of thick wool felt cushions. In the lower part of the armchair, the felt is impregnated with thermosetting resin to ensure firmness and durability. The seat is fixed to the support frame with hemp ropes, and the soft upper edge of the armchair is echoed by woven hemp ropes, complementing the seat section. The armchair comes with a stitched fabric seat cushion filled with spray-bonded cotton, with different colors available.

280 ZIG ZAG Z Chair

280 ZIG ZAG Z Chair 280 ZIG ZAG Z Chair

The shape is clear at a glance, and this chair challenges traditional load-bearing structures, making it a breathtaking product. Designed in 1934 by Gerrit Rietveld, it draws inspiration from Mart Stam's 1926 "S33" cantilever chair and the Rasch brothers' 1927 "Sitzgeiststuhl." Zig Zag cleverly increases the strength of the wooden connections through tenons and exhibits simplicity and elegance in its lines and style. Gerrit Rietveld skillfully introduced the characteristics of the Dutch style into the field of furniture. The entire structure is composed of only four wooden boards: the backrest, seat, chair legs, and chair feet, made of brushed colored lacquered whitewash wood. Although it may not seem comfortable at first glance, it is, in fact, sturdy and reliable.

413 Cab Chair

413 Cab Chair 413 Cab Chair

This chair is made of genuine leather and takes inspiration from the enveloping of the human skeleton by the skin, a favorite of British fashion designer Paul Smith. The appearance is composed of 16 pieces of high-quality saddle leather, each dyed, cut, and hand-sewn through 14 processes. Finally, the bottom of the chair is sealed with a zipper, as if tailor-made clothing for the chair's metal frame. Now available in three different sizes: large, medium, and small.

Lc1 Pampas Armchair

Lc1 Pampas Armchair Lc1 Pampas Armchair

This is one of the series designed collaboratively by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand in 1928. The designers conducted in-depth studies of human sitting posture, allowing experiencers to relax deeply and communicate easily through simple modern design. Its main feature is the backrest fixed through a horizontal axis, allowing slight rocking back and forth for convenient posture adjustment. Both the backrest and seat back use high-density springs to provide varying degrees of support to the human body. The seat is designed wider in the front and narrower in the back, higher in the front and lower in the back, aiming to achieve maximum comfort.

Lc4 Chaise Lounge

Lc4 Chaise Lounge Lc4 Chaise Lounge

LC4 is one of Cassina's globally best-selling products, designed in 1928, representing a classic chaise lounge. The three designers designed the LC4 as an expression of the concept of relaxation, emphasizing the human figure and balancing between geometric purity and ergonomic intent. The stability of the lounge is provided by rubber tubes covering the lower frame, regardless of the tilting angle.

520 Accordo Coffee Table

520 Accordo Coffee Table 520 Accordo Coffee Table

This low coffee table features carved and dynamic forms, a retrospective design by Charlotte Perriand in 1985 at the Paris Decorative Arts Museum. After its re-release in 2009, the table is radiating youthful vitality with its new smooth finish and various colors, including Chinese red, Malone color, and black.

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