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How to choose a sofa? All these details must be considered!

by Stephen James 15 Nov 2023 0 comments

The sofa is the C-position of the living room. A creative sofa design is enough to highlight the personality of the living room and the personality of the owner. It is no exaggeration to say that half of the soul of the living room is it.

It would be too bad if the sofa is not chosen well, the design does not achieve the expected effect, and the comfort is not high.

Therefore, when purchasing a sofa, you should not only pay attention to the appearance and quality of the sofa, but also many other details. So, how should you choose a sofa?


1.Classification of sofas

Functionally classified: it can be divided into "" ordinary sofas and "" functional sofas;

Classified from the material: it can be divided into leather sofa, fabric sofa, bentwood sofa and rattan sofa;

Classified in terms of specifications and sizes: it can be divided into single sofa, double sofa, three-person sofa, L-shaped sofa, and four-person sofa.


2.Size and shape

Because the length, width, and height of sofas vary greatly among different types of sofas, there is no fixed value for sofas.

The size of the sofa has a great impact on the experience and use. When choosing the size of the sofa, you need to choose it according to the size of the room and your own requirements.

Generally, a single sofa is 0.76m×0.76m, and the maximum is 0.81m×0.81m.


Common sofa sizes:

Single sofa: 0.8m-1.2m;

Double sofa: length 1.2m-1.8m;

Three-person sofa: length 1.8m-2.2m;

L-shaped sofa: length ≥ 2.3m;

Four-seater sofa: length ≥ 2.5m;

Of course, you can also refer to the following formula to select the sofa length:

Sofa length = length of sofa background wall - 1.2m


L shaped sofa

The materials of L-shaped sofa are generally leather and fabric, and the combination of solid wood is relatively rare. The shape is fashionable and elegant, which is more suitable for families with a larger number of people, or those who usually need to receive guests.

Many families choose corner sofas. It is very comfortable to have a chaise longue where you can lie down at any time.


Double and three-person sofa

The length of double and three-person sofas is generally 1.2-1.8m, which is more suitable for small apartments. The style is simple and has a certain sense of design.


Free modular sofa

Suitable for rooms with large space. You can give full play to your imagination and mix and match freely, and combine it with the interior layout to create a stylish space atmosphere.


3. The material of the sofa surface


Fabric sofas are simple and rustic, soft to the touch, warm and comfortable, and are the choice of most families. You can also change the sofa cover according to your style and mood to create different atmospheres, whether fashionable or retro.

Fabric sofas are more suitable for Nordic and simple style living rooms.

Advantages: There are many kinds and diversity of fabric sofa fabrics, and there are many demands to choose from.

Fabric sofas are easier to match, have a soft texture, and have the advantage of being removable and washable.

Compared with leather sofas, fabric sofas are relatively cheaper.

Disadvantages: Fabric sofas are not resistant to dirt. It is necessary to clean or change the sofa cover frequently.

It is easy to collapse after sitting for a long time, the appearance will not be perfect after a long time, and the service life is shorter than other sofas.


Technology cloth(Leathaire)

Technical fabrics(Leathaire) are known as "breathing fabrics".

The biggest feature of technical cloth is that it has the texture and color of real leather and the breathability of fabric sofas.

Advantages: It feels good in hand and looks more textured overall.

It is highly breathable and comfortable to sit on in summer.

The fabric is easy to care for and can be easily handled with a vacuum cleaner.

Disadvantages: If there are stubborn stains, it is still difficult to deal with. Although it can be disassembled and cleaned, the color will change and wrinkles will appear if washed frequently.

Technical cloth can only be disassembled and washed when it becomes dirty. If it is disassembled and washed frequently, it will be easier to deform and look old.



Leather sofas are dignified, soft in texture, high-end, and heavy. They are suitable for many styles. American, European, industrial, light luxury and other styles can be matched with leather sofas.

Leather sofas can echo with the space and can well enhance the level of the entire space.

Leather sofas are divided into full leather and semi-genuine leather. If you have a limited budget, consider semi-genuine leather.

You have to ask whether it is the first layer of skin or the second layer of skin.

Advantages: It is water-resistant, acid-resistant, and alkali-resistant, so its biggest advantage is that it is easy to clean, has high breathability, and is more durable. Leather sofas give people a low-key luxury feel.

There are many types of patterns. There are both thick and light patterns, such as pebbles, tumbles, Napa, etc. Different embossing techniques bring different feel.

Disadvantages: higher price.

It requires frequent maintenance and cleaning, and the maintenance cost is high.

The surface is easily damaged. Metal objects, such as keys, are easily damaged. Requires repairs, increasing maintenance costs.


How to identify a leather sofa?

Press with your hands: When the leather sofa is pressed up, the surrounding wrinkles will become radial, even, natural, and thick in texture. Use your fingers to pinch a section of dermis and lift it up. The dermis will fold and have natural wrinkles.

Smell: Real leather smells like animal fat, imitation leather smells like plastic.

Touch it with your hands: Genuine leather has good elasticity, while imitation leather feels stiff and has poor elasticity.

4.Overall framework

The frame of the sofa is related to the stability of the sofa and whether it is strong and durable. Commonly used frames include solid wood, plates, and metal.


solid wood

The more common solid wood products on the market are pine and eucalyptus. Most of the solid wood frames on the market choose pine as the main frame, paired with eucalyptus. If all pine is used, the entire cost will be very high.

The thickness of pine wood for ordinary pine wood frame sofas is 6-8cm, and the thickness of better ones is 10-12cm.

Advantages: Environmentally friendly and healthy, no odor.

It can be recycled and reused, and some rare solid wood sofas even have their own medicinal properties.

Disadvantages: Solid wood sofas will be more expensive, and rare woods are even more expensive.

The comfort level is not that high when you sit up. It depends on the filling and thickness.




Board materials include fiberboard, plywood and particleboard.

It is characterized by low price and simple process. The disadvantages are also obvious, that is, they are not very environmentally friendly, are easily deformed, and are not resistant to moisture.




Metal has steel frame and wrought iron.

The characteristics of metal frame sofa are modern shape, good load-bearing capacity and relatively strong and stable.

The steel frame sofa has a simple and fashionable shape and can be adapted to many styles.

However, the design and matching requirements are relatively high. And the cost is also higher.


5. Filling

Commonly used fillings for sofas include down, latex (including latex particles), sponge (including high-density and high-rebound sponge), memory foam, doll cotton, and springs.


Down has a strong wrapping feel, but full down has no support and can easily collapse. Therefore, down needs to be filled in separate areas to reduce the dispersion of down. Common fillings are sponge + down.

The comfort of the filling is an important condition for a truly high-end sofa. This requires very rich production experience.



Unlike down and low-density sponges, latex can provide a soft but resilient support. Usually 3CM latex cushion has this effect. The effect of 4-5CM is very good. This feeling is very different from traditional sponge sofas.




Commonly used sponge densities are between 25D-45D. Nowadays, there is often a combination of latex + 45D sponge.

When most sofas in the current market use sponge as the main support, the quality of the sponge is very important. Our company uses a mixed combination of 45d sponges, and then uses latex particles, down, latex, and memory foam as the top layer according to customer needs.


Memory Foam

Many high-quality imported sofas use memory foam + sponge as cushions. The memory foam fits well and does not move around like down, requiring frequent patting to restore. It is also a very high-quality filling material, but because the gimmick of memory foam is not as good as latex, most sofas will choose to use latex to obtain a higher product premium when the price is similar.


PP cotton (doll cotton)

PP cotton, commonly known as doll cotton, doll cotton is not cotton, it is a fiber product. This is the common filling material for dolls. It has a certain degree of rebound and is easy to shape. But the wrapping feeling is weak.

In most cases, it is used as a support bag. There is no need to consider the problem of collapse when the support bag is high. Down is used for high costs, and doll cotton is commonly used for low costs.



If you have a sufficient budget, choose a leather sofa; if you have a limited budget, choose a fabric sofa; try not to choose a technical fabric sofa.

The frame should be made of pine, birch or metal.

Choose fabric back cover for sofa back cover.

The fillings of many sofas are a combination of machine types, such as 50D sponge + a small amount of white goose down, 30D sponge + doll cotton + white goose down. 50D will be harder and 30D will be softer, so it will be matched with other fillings of different categories. When purchasing, you need to make a choice based on your own preferences.

Nowadays, sweeping robots are used at home, so you can choose a high-foot sofa.


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