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How To Design An Integrated Computer Desk And Bookcase?

by Stephen James 17 Oct 2023 0 comments

Due to the constraints of a small living space and being someone who doesn't enjoy reading physical books, I only set up a desk during the decoration process without incorporating a bookcase. The result is a deep regret, prompting me to take this opportunity to organize a universal layout for an integrated computer desk and bookcase design in the hope that it may provide some inspiration for those planning their decoration.

How is the aesthetically pleasing design of an integrated computer desk and bookcase achieved? What if there seems to be no space at home to accommodate it? How to plan storage and so on? These questions can be quite daunting and challenging to decide. However, it's not as difficult as it seems. Let me guide you step by step:

Step 1: Identify needs and expectations for functionality

Step 2: Storage planning, where the core is rational organization

Step 3: Layout planning, considering the actual layout of the living space

Designing storage and functionality after identifying needs is crucial; skipping this step can lead to regret later.

Let's first explore why so many people love the integrated design of a computer desk and bookcase. The main reasons include:

  • Convenient use when the desk and bookcase are together
  • Aesthetic design that enhances the overall appearance
  • Efficient use of space, maximizing utility

Especially for small living spaces, the significance of integrated design goes beyond aesthetics; it's about practicality. Since you've already decided to allocate space for both a computer desk and bookcase, it's essential to prioritize functionality.

1. About desk dimensions: The size of the desk directly impacts its usability. A desk that is approximately 70cm long is suitable for individual use. If you need it for two or more people simultaneously, you must opt for a larger desk based on the number of users. ▼

Desk Dimensions

Creating an elongated symmetrical design for a computer desk and bookcase on the bedroom feature wall not only looks pleasing but also fulfills the functional needs of couples or families with two children.

Elongated Desk and Bookshelf Design

Try extending the desk, such as a T-shaped design, to increase the usable space on the desktop.

T-shaped Desk Design

T-shaped Desk Design

Use multi-functional furniture with a rotating small tabletop that can be used for various purposes and takes up minimal space when folded.

Multi-functional Furniture Design

2. About bookcase design: The design of the bookcase directly affects its storage capacity, convenience of use, and aesthetics. Therefore, the first step is to identify the items you need to store, broadly categorized into three types:

  • Frequently used items such as books, pens, charging cables, and tools
  • Infrequently used or sentimental items
  • Collectibles to be displayed

Design storage forms based on the quantity of items, understanding how many cabinets with doors, drawers, wall shelves, and glass cabinets you need.

Place items frequently used, like books and tools, in easily accessible places, such as underneath the desk in drawers that can be reached without standing up. ▼

Under Desk Drawer Cabinet Design

The "side cabinet" adjacent to the desk can be designed as open storage for convenience.

Side Cabinet Design

For collectibles like figurines, calligraphy, and books, consider using a display cabinet with glass, reserving cabinets for less frequently used items. Generally, follow the principle of revealing 70% and concealing 30%, but exceptions can be made, such as creating an entire wall of large bookshelves if there's a large volume of books.

Display Cabinet Design

Alternatively, consider a hidden sliding design, effective in isolating dust, reducing cleaning efforts, and protecting books from humidity.

Sliding Bookshelf Design

Book storage has its challenges, like wasting space with tall compartments or having compartments too small or too large. To address these issues, you can design different-sized cubicle cabinets that offer adjustable height, as shown below.

Different-sized Cubicle Cabinet Design

3. Designs for meeting special requirements: Typically, desks are used for work and gaming, both of which involve computers. Therefore, consider whether you will use a desktop computer or a laptop. For a desktop computer, ensure there is enough space for it. ▼

Add a corkboard for pinning items and a chalkboard wall for writing, placed on the wall above the desk. Trust me, you'll find them incredibly useful in the future.

Since it's an integrated computer desk and bookcase design, how could we forget the reading corner? Place a comfortable chair or a bean bag, and you're all set to enjoy your reading time. ▼

Want to read while lying down? Making a soft nest by the window is also a good choice.

Image 3

According to the layout planning,

I have organized several common layouts.

I have gathered some universal layouts from numerous decoration cases. Although it cannot solve all the problems of integrated comyputer desk and bookcase layout in all layouts, I hope it can help you.

1. Window-side Linear Style: This seems to be the most common layout, often used by bedroom windows. After all, using the entire room as a study is very luxurious. A integrated design close to both walls, with the window part as the desk and the wall part as the bookcase, can be symmetrical or asymmetrical on both sides.

Image 4

You can also place the bookshelves facing each other, which can free up space on the desktop. Although open shelves are practical, they can appear cluttered; using some storage tools will make the overall look more aesthetic.

Image 5

Here comes an advanced version, although sacrificing the length of the desk, it gains the benefit of a bay window seat.

Image 6

2. Window-corner Style: This layout is also quite common and, to some extent, more practical. After all, it is a integrated design occupying two walls, and you can adjust the height and size of the desk and bookcase according to your needs.

Image 7

The bookcase extends to the ceiling, providing more storage space and effectively preventing dust from accumulating on the top of the bookcase.

Image 8

You can even try combining the desk, bookcase, and wardrobe together, achieving practicality and aesthetics at the same time. Sometimes, just a slight adjustment in thinking can break the limits of creativity.

Image 9

Image 10

Make the dead corner space come alive, and the corner space by the window becomes more coherent, this design indeed appears simple and neat.

Image 11

3. Full Wall Style: This layout seems relatively easy to implement, suitable for various spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. Just match with suitable cabinets and doors to create a practical and durable effect. When choosing the material for the bookcase, resistance to deformation and environmental friendliness are the most important considerations, and the most commonly used are solid wood particle board and solid wood plywood.

Image 12

The appearance of the cabinet door directly affects the overall aesthetics. Therefore, instead of letting a carpenter make it on-site, I recommend whole customization. This is not only because professional designers provide design services, but also because factory machine manufacturing processes and edge-sealing quality are superior.

Image 13

Image 14

The color of the cabinet door is usually chosen from the light color series such as white, wood color, and gray, which is basically foolproof. If you want to pursue some personality, you can also try some graffiti styles.

Image 15

Image 16

4. TV+Desk+Bookcase Integration: If there is no entire wall to utilize, then use the TV wall to combine them. Although it looks a bit like a hotel style, to be honest, this can fully utilize space, especially for small and medium-sized households.

Image 17

Image 18

5. Bed+Desk+Bookcase Integration: This is a multifunctional layout design, extending the bed to perfectly achieve the fusion of bedroom and study functions, especially suitable for small bedroom areas.

Image 19

Image 20



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