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9 Innovative Christmas Tree Styles to Give your Christmas a fresh look

by Hedwig Scarlett 19 Nov 2023 0 comments

I bet most households have a Christmas tree, set up every December, adorned with the same old decorations from years past, maintaining an unchanged style, maybe adding a few small ornaments each year, that's it.

No need to go all out, you can start with some small details, maybe that can give your Christmas tree a fresh look this year:

Updated Christmas Tree

Traditional red and gold Christmas trees, with layered ribbons, various ornaments, a star or angel tree topper, and twinkling lights, don't need a lot of effort to transform their appearance. Check out the suggestions below, and they might inspire you:

Swap Lights for Candles

Candle Lights

Using fairy lights to wrap around the Christmas tree is the most traditional way, but not the most original. The traditional Christmas tree was adorned with flickering candles on a real pine tree, with snow falling outside the window and the crackling sound of a fireplace—it's so wonderful and romantic. You can try replacing the colorful twinkling lights with LED candles, giving the Christmas tree an instant retro vibe.

Candle Lights

Don't worry about securing the candles; you can buy specially designed clip-on LED candles for Christmas trees. The clips are even green to blend in seamlessly with the tree. You can find them on various online marketplaces.

Swap Decorations for Gingerbread and Candys

Gingerbread and Candy Decorations


If you have kids at home, why not try decorating this year's Christmas tree with a variety of candies, especially homemade gingerbread? Is there anything more enjoyable than walking to the tree and picking your favorite candy to enjoy?

Gingerbread and Candy Decorations

Brightly colored candies, especially those with a decent size, are most suitable. If you decorate the entire tree with homemade gingerbread, the colors will be more consistent, giving the Christmas tree a vintage farmhouse charm, and the whole house will smell sweet!

Yarn Ball Christmas Tree

Yarn Ball Christmas Tree


For those who enjoy crafting, I strongly recommend making yarn balls as Christmas decorations. Making yarn balls is simple, but the effect of having many of them together is beyond imagination. Especially when done with crafty kids, choosing colors, designing sizes, or simply making, trimming, and threading will be a very enjoyable process.

Yarn Ball Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree in the pine cone cottage is adorned with yarn balls, and based on my indoor color scheme, I chose only white and blue. Everyone can choose the colors of yarn balls based on personal preferences and room color.

Yarn Ball Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorated with Photos

Photo Decorated Christmas Tree


Apart from decorations, the ornaments on the Christmas tree can also be more meaningful. Decorating the Christmas tree with photos is a very creative approach.

Christmas Tree with PhotosWhether you choose to hang Polaroid photos with small ropes or cut ordinary photos and paste them on yellow kraft paper, the principle of decorating the Christmas tree with photos is first that the photos should not be too large. Our usual 5x6 inch photos are too big. The small size of Polaroid and various instant camera photos is more suitable. If you want to use large photos, it is best to crop them, and a consistent size will look more beautiful. Secondly, if you want a colorful Christmas tree, you don't need to worry about the color selection of the photos. But if you don't want the photos to be too colorful and steal the spotlight from the Christmas tree, you can choose photos with a relatively uniform tone.

To look sophisticated, reduce the color scheme

Sophisticated Christmas Tree


If you are tired of the overly colorful and lively Christmas tree, consider subtracting from it. If you only hang pine cones, choose monochromatic ribbons, and Christmas balls as decorations, with no more than three varieties, your Christmas tree will exude a primitive farm charm, looking simple and sophisticated.

Scottish Plaid Adorning the Christmas Tree

Scottish Plaid Christmas Tree


Another decorating style that can instantly transform your Christmas tree is the trendy Scottish plaid this winter. Whether it's red-blue-green or white-red-green plaid, as long as you choose plaid ribbons and same-color range hanging balls, the entire Christmas tree will immediately emanate an elegant Scottish vibe, giving off a warm feeling. Changing the ribbon to alter the tree's style is the simplest method. If you want a different tone and style next year, just replace this year's ribbons. Used ribbons don't need to be discarded; bring them out again after a few years for a fresh feel.

Colorful yet Orderly Rainbow Christmas Tree

Rainbow Christmas Tree


However, for families with children, achieving a monochromatic Christmas tree is challenging because kids don't like that. Kids invariably love vibrant and colorful decorations. One way to get a twinkly Christmas tree is to arrange decorations, hanging balls, and ribbons in the order of the rainbow. This will make the tree look colorful yet organized, providing a different surprise for the little ones.

Japanese-inspired Christmas Tree with Lanterns

Japanese-inspired Christmas Tree with Lanterns


For those who love Eastern aesthetics, whether Japanese or Chinese style, you can creatively decorate a unique Eastern Christmas tree: use a bonsai pine, hang various small lanterns, and even spray white artificial snow for a warm and elegant Christmas atmosphere that blends Eastern and Western elements.

Minimalistic Scandinavian Christmas Tree

Minimalistic Scandinavian Christmas Tree


For those who prefer a minimalist style, boldly simplify your Christmas tree: a simple tree, wrapped in a few layers of white ribbons, adorned with pine cones and a few white snowflakes. This creates a minimalistic Nordic Christmas tree with only one color tone, sparing but evenly distributed decorations.

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