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16 Stylish And Well-Designed Bathroom Shelf Ideas For Small Bathrooms

by Hedwig Scarlett 24 Nov 2023 0 comments

A small bathroom not only makes the space look tidy and cool but also has excellent storage functionality.

Create a stylish and design-savvy bathroom shelf for your small bathroom!

This bathroom shelf not only cleverly organizes items but also adds decorative colors to your small bathroom.

We've selected some elegantly designed and unique bathroom shelves for you.

Wall-mounted Bathroom Shelf

Wall-mounted Bathroom Shelf

One of the best spaces to utilize in a small bathroom is the wall.

This wall-mounted bathroom shelf has a simple design, perfect for modern Nordic-style bathrooms.

It adds a touch of brightness to the bathroom while enhancing overall charm.

Mobile Bathroom Shelf with Wheels

Mobile Bathroom Shelf with Wheels

For those who like to move things around freely, the trendy emerald green storage shelf is a great choice.

It can easily fit into the corner of the bathroom vanity and is convenient to move and dismantle when not needed.

Industrial-style Bathroom Shelf

Industrial-style Bathroom Shelf

If you appreciate a nostalgic industrial style,

Cherished Bliss's bathroom shelf is perfect for you.

Black iron pipes anchor the shelf, creating a rustic farmhouse feel. The neutral colors make the bathroom more chic and serene.

Bathroom Shelf with Leather Ropef

Bathroom Shelf with Leather Rope

This bathroom shelf uses two leather ropes to secure a wooden board and can be easily made at home.

You can customize the length, decorate as you like, making it a unique choice.

(But be sure to choose high-quality waterproof leather to avoid discoloration due to moisture)

Simple Wooden Board Bathroom Shelf

Simple Wooden Board Bathroom Shelf

When you have a small bathroom,

it's essential to consider all unused spaces and try to make the most of them.

This bathroom shelf designed by Jenna Sue Design Co. makes full use of the ultra-thin shelf above the wallpaper.

It not only serves as decoration (such as plants or flowers) but also stores cosmetics and other essentials.

Multifunctional Storage Bathroom Shelf

Multifunctional Storage Bathroom Shelf

This small storage shelf, DIY-made by handmadeloft, is perfect for small spaces.

In addition to storage, it can also hang towels and bath towels, making it practical.

Unique Toilet Paper Shelf

Unique Toilet Paper Shelf

This toilet paper shelf not only holds toilet paper but also has a shelf on top for placing scents or plants.

Corner Bathroom Shelf

Corner Bathroom Shelf

In the corner of the bathroom, installing a waterproof board or tiles identical to the bathroom wall as a bathroom shelf is a good choice.

This not only saves space but also makes the bathroom look neater.

Vintage Toilet Bathroom Shelf

Vintage Toilet Bathroom Shelf

Even if your bathroom floor space is limited,

you can choose a rustic, beautiful, and practical toilet shelf like this one at the corner to cleverly store items.

Embedded Bathroom Shelf

Embedded Bathroom Shelf

An embedded bathroom shelf is an ideal choice for solving small space problems,

not only appearing clean visually but also keeping items in a semi-hidden state.

Shelf on washing machine

Bathroom Storage Shelves

Many people choose to place a washing machine in the bathroom,

However, the large washing machine occupies a significant amount of space in the bathroom. How to cleverly utilize this space?

It's actually quite simple; a high storage shelf can effectively make use of the space above the washing machine, making storage easy and effortless.

Cleverly Divided Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

The essence of storage is not to randomly place items,

Cleverly dividing and storing items based on different functions has become the exploration of every storage expert.

Just like the drawer cabinet in the picture, it looks neat and simple, but when opened, it reveals double-layer drawers, making functional partitioning convenient. Doesn't such a drawer cabinet feel thoughtful?

Ingenious Use of Partitioned Mirrors

Partitioned Mirror

Choosing a mirrored cabinet is also an art,

Traditional mirrored cabinets are already commonplace,

But a mirrored cabinet with small partitions on the edges can carry out more storage tasks, showing a unique style.

It allows every corner of the home to be fully utilized, both aesthetically pleasing and creative.

Clearly Layered Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves

If your bathroom space has enough room for a set of storage shelves, then don't hesitate,

Storage shelves are undoubtedly the most practical storage products in the bathroom,

Classify and store items according to different functional needs,

Making life well-organized.

Intelligent Use of Space Layout

Space Layout

For the bathroom, compact furniture is like tailor-made, slightly narrower, slightly shorter, saving more space.

Therefore, a semi-open washbasin is an ideal choice for narrow bathrooms.

In addition, storage space under the washbasin is also crucial.

And the wall partition can be designed narrower, enough to hold cups and bottles,

Even narrow partitions can make the entire space look more spacious.

Extendable Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

Extending to the entire wall, drawer cabinets and partitions can be freely combined according to the user's needs,

It can accommodate items of various heights while also choosing items that are convenient to access or need to be concealed.

But be sure to leave a little space for a small and exquisite green plant,

This way, even in a small space, you can create a sense of openness.



These creative bathroom storage shelves not only add color to the home but also enhance the storage functionality of the bathroom, achieving a win-win situation.

In fact, these inspirations come from life, making full use of space for storage, creating a bathroom environment that is both refreshing and tidy.

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