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Work from home in a Small apartment

by Hedwig Scarlett 18 Dec 2023 0 comments

Nowadays, with the increasing trend towards compact design for small spaces, working from home has become a new "trend."

To create a cozy and comfortable office environment in a limited bedroom space, many people choose to separate the workspace, blending work and life seamlessly. This approach not only maximizes space utilization but also adds a new sense of life.

Pic 1

So, how can a small bedroom accommodate a workspace? It's a puzzling question for many, as balancing compact size and diverse functionality is quite challenging. Today, we introduce some typical cases for you to explore!

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Just like the SOHO crowd, work doesn't have to be rigid and dull. If you can work in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone will fall in love with their work, right?

Pic 3

The home office in a small space may not be large, but it's quiet and warm enough. A desk, a chair, and a bright, soft lamp are sufficient.

Pic 4

If you love reading but lack a dedicated study space, create a book wall in the bedroom, combining a desk, bookshelf, and wall cabinet. It not only enriches the overall space but also provides a time of undisturbed enjoyment.

Pic 5

The perfect combination of the bay window area and the workspace adds a touch of leisure to the office. Sitting by the window, enjoying the view, basking in the warmth and tranquility of the sunlight, is a moment of happiness after work fatigue.

Pic 6

The bedside area can also break the traditional mold by using multifunctional wall storage instead of a short cabinet, giving the bedroom a more cohesive look.

Pic 7

Extend storage upward as much as possible to relieve floor pressure.

Pic 8

Pic 9

The ideal position for placing a home office is on the side of the wardrobe, near the window or door, as in small spaces, every square meter must be fully utilized.

Pic 10

Raising the bed slightly can meet more storage needs; extending an office desk from the bedside allows a small space to reveal more possibilities.

Pic 11

Pic 12

By customizing solid wood partitions into a desk, not only is it convenient but also space-saving, making it a great tool for rescuing small-sized homes.

Pic 13

Pic 14

Pic 15

Integrating shelves, wall cabinets, and a workspace into the bedroom not only maintains the privacy and flexibility of the space but also provides an experience beyond your imagination.

Pic 16

Pic 17

If you feel that the work area should be kept at a distance from the sleeping area to avoid disturbing family rest, you can also set up a simple partition at the foot of the bed to create your own home office.

Pic 18

A hidden office space embodies the most stylish design for small homes, simultaneously invisibly increasing the practical area.

Pic 19

The more delicate the house, the more it can enhance the happiness of life. For small homes, the charm of design lies in creating a higher quality living space.

Pic 20


Who says small homes can't carry a quality lifestyle?

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