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10 Exemplary Small Entryway Shoe Storege Ideas

by Hedwig Scarlett 09 Dec 2023 0 comments

Home, it's more than just a house.

It's a vessel for the trivialities of everyday life, a fusion of emotions and love.

Our homes are the harbors of a lifetime, each corner carefully designed and decorated to reflect our personal tastes.


With the growing trend of small living spaces, the challenge arises of limited or nonexistent entryway spaces. Due to spatial constraints, some individuals put considerable effort into designing entryway shoe storages. However, the design of the entryway is essentially the customized design of storages such as shoe storages. It depends on how you utilize the space.

01 Popular Styles of Small Entryway Shoe Storage

1. Built-in Shoe Storage

Built-in Shoe Cabinet

This is a classic style, commonly adopted by many. A built-in shoe storage behind the door not only saves you from the hassle of intricate design but also conserves space. With it, the entrance remains uncluttered, allowing room for a bench where you can comfortably sit to change shoes. The middle space in the shoe storage can be used for items like bags and keys, and adding a potted plant is also a nice touch.

2. Partitioned Shoe Storage

Partitioned Shoe Cabinet

For residences facing area constraints that make it impossible to have an entryway, the partitioned shoe storage is a perfect solution. Resolving the issue of an "open door reveals everything," the bottom is designed as a shoe storage, while the top part acts as a screen. This configuration not only serves as a storage solution but also becomes an attractive entryway storage, separating the dining area, living room, and entryway to maintain privacy and address feng shui concerns.

3. Compound Shoe Storage

Compound Shoe Cabinet

The design of this shoe storage is truly praiseworthy. It leverages the fact that the entryway and the TV wall belong to the same wall, combining the originally planned entryway shoe storage with the TV wall to create a curved surface that integrates both. Alternatively, it can be combined with the kitchen, serving as both a shoe storage and a dining sideboard, creating a beautiful and functional space.

4. Integrated Shoe Storage

Integrated Shoe Cabinet

This storage space is absolutely sufficient, with the shoe storage extending to the ceiling at a right angle, presenting a grand appearance. Additionally, there is about 20 centimeters of space reserved under the shoe storage, allowing for easy storage of removed shoes. This prevents the accumulation of shoes at the entrance, maintaining a neat and organized look.

5. Dual-sided Shoe Storage

Dual-sided Shoe Cabinet

This design is favored by many, especially in spacious interiors or households with multiple members. With both a large and a small shoe storage, there is ample space, ensuring there is more than enough room for storage.

6. Hanging Shoe Storage

Hanging Shoe Cabinet

Apart from storing shoes, a shoe storage can also be used to hang clothes and bags. Simply install hooks, and you can easily change shoes, store bags, and hang coats upon entering. This is particularly convenient during winter when changing shoes while wearing heavy coats can be challenging.

02 Recommended Storage Tools for Small Entryways

Recommended Storage Tools for Small Entryways

After carefully planning the entryway in a small living space, it's crucial to avoid having an underutilized area. In addition to basic shoe storages, what other tools can enhance functionality?

Recommended Tools

1. Hanging Storage Shelf

Hanging Storage Shelf

Utilize wall space in small entryways by using hanging shelves to enhance storage capacity. The shallow depth of the hanging shelf, as shown in the image, is suitable for small spaces. It can be used for display and stacking as needed, providing flexibility.

2. Pegboard


The advantage of a pegboard is that it can be placed in small corners without requiring a large area, and its dimensions are not limited by length, width, or height. Even in a small corner, a pegboard can be used for hanging storage and can be arranged in various ways.

3. Water Drop Hooks

Water Drop Hooks

These hooks have a stronger design and better visual effects compared to ordinary hooks. The creatively designed wooden water drop-shaped hooks can be individually hung on the wall or arranged in various patterns, adding interest to the wall. They are suitable for the entryway near the front door and can also be used for storage in children's rooms.

4. Shoe-changing Bench

Shoe-changing Bench

A versatile shoe-changing bench that is easy to move and occupies a small footprint. Choosing a style with storage functionality helps increase the overall storage capacity of the small entryway.

As the crucial hub for entering and leaving indoors, the entryway needs to be highly flexible and functional. In smaller spaces, careful planning is essential to create a fluid and spacious overall environment.

I hope these designs inspire you in different ways!



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